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Continuing Learning Unit and Professional Development Procedures

All teachers in the Zachary Community School District are encouraged to participate in Professional Development (PD). Teachers participating in PD activities will be awarded Continuing Learning Units (CLUs) by the Zachary Community School District. In order to receive CLU’s for PD the following steps must be taken:

Step 1: The teacher should complete and submit a Professional Leave Form for activities when applicable.

Step 2: The teacher attends the PD activity.

Step 3: After   completion of the PD activity, the teacher submits an online CLU application.
Note: The teacher is responsible for maintaining documentation in his/her CLU folder.  CLU folders are to be available for principal verification of online submissions.

Step 4: Principal will submit an approved list to Yolanda Williams each semester.

Step 5: CLU’s will be awarded and online transcripts will be available for verification.

Yolanda Williams, Director

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