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The Zachary Community School System is dedicated to the success of all teachers.The Zachary Induction Program (ZIP) was developed to assist our new teachers through a comprehensive three-year induction program that supports the growth and professional development of new teachers. It provides professional support so that new teachers can continue to develop the content and pedagogical skills and knowledge that will support increased success as teachers in Zachary. By helping new teachers achieve their full potential, the ZIP supports Zachary’s vision of achieving high levels of student performance. To successfully complete the ZIP, new teachers must achieve three Satisfactory ratings on teacher performance evaluations.

Assistance to new teachers is provided through:
– Administrative Support
– New Teacher Orientation
– Mentoring by Master Teachers
– Professional Development
– Book Studies

Goals: To assist new teachers in: 
– becoming familiar with the districts vision, mission and core values
– managing the challenges that are common to all teachers
– increasing instructional effectiveness that is student results driven
– self reflection and professional growth
– successfully meeting Louisiana Department of Education certification requirements

Mentor and New Teacher Corner

Mentor New Teacher Assignment Form
Mentor/New Teacher Agreement
Mentor/New Teacher Dialogue Journal
Mentor Checklists
Mentor Agreement
Mentor Profile
Program Participants
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