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Student Support Services Directory

Aeneid H. Mason, Director of Student Support Services

Alexis King, Secretary for Student Support Services
225-658-4969 (Ext. 124)

SASSY Department

Cindy Booth, SER Specialist

Michelle Young, Clerk

Lea Waxley, AT Paraprofessional

Saleria Shaffer, Gifted & Talented Lead Teacher

Kathy Michael, Instructor of Visually Impaired

Patricia Prado, EL Interpreter (Spanish)

Special Education Instructional Support Specialist

Social Worker

ZELC: Ashlyn Fresina
NES: Ashlyn Fresina
RPES: Ashlyn Fresina
ZES: Melanie Thierry
CMES: Erikka Neal
NMS: Tiera Wilford
9th grade: Tiera Wilford
10th grade: Melanie Thierry
11th grade: Ashlyn Fresina
12th grade: Erikka Neal

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