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Enrollment Policy

A child shall be domiciled within the Zachary Community School District in order to attend a Zachary Community School. A parent or legal custodian must present sufficient information which supports both that the parent, legal custodian, or caregiver is domiciled within the Zachary Community School District and confirm that the child is under his or her care, custody, and/or control is domiciled with that parent or legal guardian.


Attendance Policy

A. Rights

1. All students have the right to attend school until graduation, provided they are not expelled because of their conduct.

2. Students may be excused for whole or partial day absences for the following reasons:

a. personal illness;
b. serious illness in the student’s immediate family;
c. death in the student’s immediate family;
d. recognized religious holidays of the student’s own faith; or
e. natural catastrophe and/or disasters.

3. Students granted excused absences for the above reasons shall be allowed to make up any school work which was missed.

B. Responsibilities

1. Students are expected to be in attendance every school day scheduled by the Zachary Community School Board. The only acceptable reasons for being absent from school are listed in item A-2 above. In order for students to make up work missed due to one of these reasons, written statements from a parent, legal guardian or physician stating reasons for absences shall be given to proper school personnel within five (5) school days after the student returns to school. After five (5) school days, the absence will have to be excused by the Director of School and Home Relations.

2. Students shall request makeup work for days missed due to temporarily excused absences or extenuating circumstances.

3. Since tardies are related to a student’s attendance in school, they will be addressed by the school’s recommended tardy plan.

4. Unexcused check-ins are considered tardies and absences in the classes missed.

C. Responsibilities imposed by state laws and regulations

1. Students shall attend school between kindergarten and 18 years of age.

2. To be eligible to receive grades/credits for course work, elementary and middle school students (grades 1-8) shall be in attendance a minimum of 167 days a school year. Secondary students (grades 9-12)   shall be present 83.5  days per semester. (State of La.Bulletin 741). Elementary and   middle school students, K-8, shall not be absent m ore than 10 days, EXCUSED AND UNEXCUSED, and be promoted to the next grade. High school students shall not be absent more than 5 days per semester,   EXCUSED AND UNEXCUSED, and receive credit in course work.

The responsibility for a student attending school lies with the parents or the legal guardian. If the student is chronically absent or chronically late (tardy) to school, the parent and/or student shall be referred to the Office of School and Home Relations (Child Welfare and Attendance). If attendance does not improve, the parent shall be referred to the Zachary City Prosecutor and Zachary City Court.



Supervisor – Monte Burke
Social Worker – Melanie Thierry



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