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NMS -Open May 8, 2023

May 7, 2023

Dear NMS Parents,
The Zachary Community School District is committed to providing all our students and staff with the safest
learning environment possible. Their safety and well-being will always remain our top priority. Unfortunately,
there has been a significant increase of similar threats across the United States. We will not accept or tolerate
threats of any kind. Any individual who threatens the safety of our students, staff, or schools will be punished to
the full extent of the law.

Based on the latest information, there is no imminent threat to our campus. Northwestern Middle School will
reopen on a normal schedule Monday, May 8, 2023. To provide assistance for those who may feel anxiety about
this unfortunate situation, we will have trained professionals on campus readily available to assist students and
staff. In an effort to foster a safer environment, students will not be allowed to bring backpacks/book bags for
the remainder of this school year.
We value your continued partnership and ask for your assistance by:

  • Closely monitoring and reviewing your student’s online and social media posts
  • Reminding your child/children that any threat made will be thoroughly investigated, and the
    consequences will be severe
  • Reporting any known threats to our anonymous TIP line here
  • Contacting the Zachary Police Department if it is an emergency
    The Zachary Community School District will continue to work closely with the Zachary Police Department to
    ensure that safety protocols are in place at all our school sites.
    Thank you in advance for your partnership in ensuring the safest environment for our students, staff, and

Scott Devillier

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